Ligo Pass

Ligo Pass

Join our network: Get new consumers with purchasing power and incremental revenue

We help increase your sales with no investment risk for you. You will also gain more brand exposure with Sodexo marketing media.

1. Global operation expertise
Sodexo has operated Benefits and Rewards Services in 35 countries, with 1.2 million merchants. Our professional operation and marketing experiences bring big values to our merchants.
2. Bring new consumers with purchasing power
Most of our users have high disposable incomes. We can therefore bring you new customers with great value.
3.  Extend brand exposure
Sodexo designs various merchant exposure tools, such as our merchants directory and merchant locator ( This increases your brand exposure. 
4. Bring incremental revenue
Our long-term clients usually purchase Ligo Pass regularly for rewarding their employees or partners. These users therefore become frequent consumers of our merchants. Besdies that, voucher users usually spend more money than voucher face value. Both can contribute to more revenue for our merchants.
5. No investment risk
Cost caused for voucher issuing, such as bank gaurantee, marketing and sales, and voucher design, print, delivery and stock are born by Sodexo. Merchants don't need to worry about investment risk.


1. What is Sodexo Ligo Pass?
Sodexo Ligo Pass is a goods voucher that can be used at Sodexo merchant outlets in Taiwan for purchasing gift articles, products and services of value equivalent to the face value of the pass. 
2. Where can I use the Sodexo Ligo Pass?
Sodexo Ligo Pass is accepted in wide-range of merchant outlets. For detailed merchant information, you can also click on the “Our merchant outlets” section of our website (direct url:
3. What should I do when my Sodexo Ligo Pass is denied by merchant?
All merchant store managers are trained to help our customers, or you can call Sodexo customer services number for assistance.
4. What if my Sodexo Ligo Pass is stolen/lost/damaged?
Sodexo Ligo Pass is like cash. The recipient will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the voucher. Stolen or lost Sodexo Ligo Pass will not be replaced.
Damaged Sodexo Ligo Pass will still be accepted as long as all important information including security features, face value, serial number and bar code are recognizable. So please do take care of your vouchers.
5. Can I return my Ligo Pass?
The voucher can be returned or cashed by showing the intact voucher and proof of purchase. We suggest you can use our voucher at our merchant outlets nationwide. Ligo Pass is as good as cash.

Did you know?

Sodexo brings new consumers with purchasing power to your stores, a strong visibility to your brand, and incremental revenue to your business.
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