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Partner with Sodexo to attract new consumers and increase your revenue.

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Sodexo provides Benefits and Rewards Services in 35 countries, with 1.2 million merchants, more than 400,000 corporate clients and 32 million consumers serviced. Partner with Sodexo, and we can
  1. Bring new consumers with purchasing power to you 
    Most of our users have high disposable incomes. We can therefore bring you new customers with great value.
  2. Extend your brand exposure
    Sodexo provides various merchant exposure tools, such as our merchants directory and merchant locator ( This increases your brand exposure.
  3. Bring to you incremental revenue
    Our regular clients usually purchase Ligo Pass regularly for rewarding their employees or partners. These users therefore become frequent consumers of our merchants. Besides that, voucher users usually spend more money than voucher face value. Both can contribute to more revenue for our merchants. 

Did you know?

Sodexo brings new consumers with purchasing power to your stores, a strong visibility to your brand, and incremental revenue to your business.
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