Sodexo Ligo Pass-the most useful voucher

Sodexo Ligo Pass gives freedom in gift choices. We help our clients retain happier employees, business partners and customers.

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Sodexo Ligo Pass is a one-stop voucher service. Beneficiaries can redeem the goods or services they like with our wide-range merchant network. Our offers are based on two categories:
  • Enhancing human resource policy to help them increase their attractiveness through our Employee Benefits.
  • Motivating teams to achieve quantitative or qualitative objectives such as increasing sales, managing partner networks, etc. with our Incentive and Recognition programs.
Sodexo solutions bring:
  1. Beneficiary Satisfaction
    Sodexo Ligo Pass gives varieties of options to the beneficiaries, ensuring the satisfaction of your employees, business partners and consumers in any occasion.
  2. Motivated Teams
    Recognizing and motivating staff contributes to talent-retention. According to surveys, 69% of employees claim that the benefits and incentives received are the reason to stay loyal to their companies *; 
  3. Convenience
    Sodexo solutions bring no hassle to you. It is safe with its state-of-art security designs and strict operational flows. Furthermore, you can avoid storage and logistics costs.
  4. Increased Profitability
    The satisfaction of employees, business partners and consumers can drive the growth of a company. They are therefore more willing to engage in the business, and contribute to profitability.
* source:Buck Consultants - Global Wellness Survey. 

Did you know?

With working experience over 35 countries, Sodexo’s Benefits and Rewards Services provide access to a wide range of services that help improve Quality of Life.
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