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Sodexo Ligo Pass- your first voucher choice

Sodexo Ligo Pass is an innovative goods voucher with merchants all over Taiwan, including well-known hypermarkets, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Based on this, we also customize Benefits & Rewards Services for our clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives.
1. Great user satisfaction:
  • High freedom: Sodexo Ligo Pass has a wide-range of merchant network, including well-known hypermarkets, shopping malls and supermarkets…etc. Consumers can freely choose the goods or services they like. Under all circumstances, Sodexo Ligo Pass can contribute to the satisfaction of your employees, business partners and consumers.
  • High convenience: Sodexo merchants are spread all over Taiwan. Consumers can redeem their vouchers at places where they feel convenient.
  • High safety: Sodexo Ligo Pass has state-of-art security designs, and is under strict operation flows. Furthermore, it is guaranteed by DBS bank. Consumers therefore do not need to worry regarding security usage.
2. Congenial brand service
  • One-stop gift service: you can use it for various purposes such as employee benefits and rewards, marketing campaigns, channel incentives and membership programs.
  • Brand marketing: Do you wish to have more distinct brand characteristics on your gift? We can put your logo on the voucher to enhance brand impression to your beneficiaries.
  • Message customization: Sodexo can provide message customization service for you. You can choose to put brand slogan or other text on the voucher. Your beneficiaries will feel that they get an exclusive gift from you. 
3. No Worry in logistics
  • Zero stock: you can save the stock space and cost of excess gifts.
  • Simple delivery: Sodexo provides delivery services to your designated places. In addition, with the lightness of vouchers, you have no trouble in distributing them to your beneficiaries.
  • Easy purchase: the purchase flow is simple, easy and efficient.